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What is workplace giving?

Workplace Giving is a joint relationship between employers, employees and the Liver Foundation. Individuals contribute a small portion of their pre-tax salary to the Liver Foundation and receive the tax benefit straight away rather than waiting until the end of financial year.


For example, if you donate $20, it will only cost you $12.60 (dependent on your personal tax bracket) but the charity will receive the full $20. In most cases, employers will match staff donations, so the value of your donation will double to $40 directly to the Liver Foundation.

Businesses can enhance the impact of their Workplace Giving program by incorporating volunteering, skill-sharing and in-kind support.

Workplace Giving Benefits


Employers enjoy greater staff engagement, retention, productivity, reputation
and social impact.


Employees give in a smarter, tax-effective way and build a sense of pride
in themselves and their employer


Charities get low-cost, regular funds, access to valuable skills
and strong partnerships.