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One of the Liver Foundation’s organisational values is ‘collaboration’. Funding support from corporate partners helps us broaden the scope and impact of our activities and enables us to improve outcomes for people suffering from all forms of liver disease.

There are 2 main way corporate organisations can support the Liver Foundation:

  • Organisational support

  • Project support grants

Organisational Support

This comes in the form of an annual sponsorship that supports the Liver Foundation to deliver its mission across the spectrum of program areas. This form of support is highly valued as it helps to underpin the operational aspects of the organisation and ensure we have the resources we need to have maximum impact in the community.


Project Support Grants

As part of fulfilling the mission of the Liver Foundation, we intend to deliver a series of priority programs to address gaps in the existing liver disease ecosystem. These programs will follow an expert led, evidence based approach and will (where possible) partner with other authoritative organisations to ensure maximum relevance for those impacted by the disease.

For more information on corporate partnerships please contact us on 1300 454 837.

Corporate support in action
 Deloitte Access Economics HCC Report

The Liver Foundation wanted to commission Deloitte Access Economics to produce a report that would estimate the social and economic burden of liver cancer / Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) in Australia. This report would then be used as part of a community education campaign and to support our advocacy efforts with Government. Funding for the creation of the report was made possible via unrestricted grants provided by the Liver Foundation and Ipsen Australia.


The report was published in March 2021 and thanks to another unrestricted grant from Roche Australia (to support the dissemination of the report), we were able to secure significant mainstream media coverage (2.8 million views), including National Nine News, in leading newspapers, across national radio networks and online.

“Given the current and growing incidence of Liver Cancer in Australia, we believe that such a report is necessary to better inform future health policy and expenditure. We are so proud to be associated with this project”

Warren Brooks, Head of Patient Centricity, Ipsen Australia


View the report and associated media coverage here




media views

report downloads

Staff Fundraising Challenges

Looking for a great way to unite teams around a cause?

The Liver Foundation will work with your organisation to design a fundraising program that your whole company can get behind.

Set goals, challenge staff to meet certain milestones and amplify the impact of the funds raised by having your business ‘match’ the final amount raised. We can also arrange inspirational speakers to come and address your team, to help underline the importance of raising money for such a worthwhile cause.

For more information on corporate partnerships please contact us on 1300 454 837.

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