An impactful way of donating to show your practical
support for people fighting against liver diseases

What is Bequest?

It is simply a gift or donation apportioned for a certain cause through a will.

Not only is it a kind gesture, it also helps organisations like the

Liver Foundation receive the financial support they need.

How Do I Make a Bequest?

Once you have taken care of your family in your will, you can leave a philanthropic legacy by bequeathing a sum for the Liver Foundation. To show our gratitude, Liver Foundation honours all bequests. You may go with the following wording for your bequest:

“I bequeath to Liver Foundation <mention the money or assets to be gifted or the remainder estate>
for its charitable purposes but in the event this gift cannot be honoured, to the charitable organisation
in Australia which my Executors consider most nearly fulfils the objects I intend to benefit.”




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